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Safety Comes First For the Apple of Your Eye

Track the whereabouts of your child travelling to school. Get instant notifications when your ward reaches the school premise.

All Records of Your Ward- Anytime, Anywhere

Complete progress report of your child is just so handy. Get instant updates just with a touch.

School connect

Say No To Parent-Teacher Communication Gap

Connect with teachers for your child’s performance and concerns without hassle. Let’s help you bridge the parent-teacher communication gap.

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Homework is No More a Hassle

Working parents need not worry anymore. Get instant notification for homework and assignments from teachers with e-diary feature.

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Awesome Features

CONNECT2SCHOOL comes with awesome features which are very useful to schools as well parents and child. We offer a wide range of services which are listed below -

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    Teachers can mark the attendance using the attendance module and parents will be notified by notification and can check it within the app


    Track the fees due date and pay using our user-friendly payment module.


    Teachers can directly send notice to parents which they can access using our parent module of CONNECT2SCHOOL


    Track your child’s location by our tracking module. You can get real-time location of the bus using our transport module.

Available on iOS and Android

We are available on Android and iOS. Click on the buttons below to get your respective app in your phone.

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Take A Tour With Our Awesome Features

User Friendly Interface
Easily Accesible
Role-based Dashboard
Update with technology

Some Highlights About The Modules

All these steps are designed to take care of child safety. Get yourself connected with Connect2School and be relaxed.

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Assigning homework is a big hassle for teachers as well as parents. Making sure that home task is ideally noted down by each student and reaches all the parents is what the homework feature on our App caters to.

Teaches assign the homework on the App and it instantly reaches the parents. The App works perfectly for working parents.

Attendance management is tedious for the school authorities and this feature perfectly eases it down. Monthly and annual attendance report can be generated anytime by the school management. Much to the awe is the convenience for the parents who get notified instantly when the teacher marks the attendance of their ward in the class. Some moe features include: –

  • Teachers can mark the attendance on the App itself
  • Parents get notified instantly
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and weekly attendance report is generated

The progress report and day-to- day performance of students is the integral part of education. All the record of weekly tests, assignment results and terminal results can be accessed easily on the App. It saves time for the parents as well as teachers. Working parents can access these results anytime and from anywhere. The feature has been designed after the survey undertaken to understand the needs of the parents. –

  • Parents get notifications for test results
  • Ranking of the student in the class
  • Comments and remarks from teachers for parents and students.

Safety of children is the primary concern for all parents in this era where major child incidents have been reported off late. This is what this App has extensively catered to. Transportation management in our App allows parents and school management to track the whereabouts of the children. A dedicated module is designed for the safety measure. The drivers and vehicles of the school transportation system are provided the App too. This helps in tracking the various routes for school authorities and tracking where and when the student has reached the school and back to home through the GPS tracking. Let’s brief up the features for this module: –

  • Parents get notified once the child boards the bus.
  • Parents are notified when the child leaves the school.
  • Parents are prompted to receive the child before the bus reaches the stop.

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